Get Competitive Advantage Using Data

Leverage the customer journey to increase conversion and grow revenue.

Growth Faster With Effective Ads

Focus your ad spend on ads that result in order and stop wasting money on low performing ads.

Tweak ad creatives to better resonate with your shoppers to drive more orders.

Advertise more effectively to lower cost per order and increase your profit margin.

Using multi-touchpoints attribution, reduce customer acquisition cost to scale your growth.

Run data-guided advertising experiments to find a repeatable formula for sustained revenue growth. Stop guessing and start getting results.

Supercharge Conversion Funnel

Leverage customer journey data to turn more shoppers into customers.

Understand where shoppers drop off and correct your funnel to reduce bounce & cart abandonment.

Optimize your landing pages and product messaging to get more orders.

Track all user actions to understand which content is seen before shoppers place orders.

Analyze conversion funnel for each ad campaign, product, and landing page to identify & replicate winning strategies.

Get More Customers

Evaluate customer base to find and acquire more customer with high lifetime value & profit margin.

Reactive existing customers to get more repeat orders and increase brand loyalty.

Segment transactions by customer demographics for better ad targeting and product marketing.

Create shopper personas based on ads and product affinity for smarter marketing.

Track every action each customer takes before purchasing to understand your customers decision making process.

Sell More Products

Understand which ads and channels lead to the sale of certain products.

Focus on selling profitable products to grow your bottom line.

Find optimal channel and messaging for selling each product to sell more units.

For each product, understand its cost of marketing and its contribution to revenue.

Predict product sell-through rate to properly plan inventory and ensure in-stock availability to not miss out on sales.

Seamless Integrations

Connect the dots between marketing, engagement, and transactions.

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Bing Ads

Simple & Fair Pricing

Transparent pricing plans with no hidden fees, long-term commitment, or BS!

ROI-Based 10%of revenue we drive for you Ideal for smaller store just starting out

Track + report on customer journey

Create + manage ads on search & social

Manage social media & quantify ROI

Marketing via email, sms, & postal mail

Only pay us if we drive orders for you from any of the services listed above. We don't upsell or push you to pay more for additional services

Flat-Fee $5K/mo Ideal for stores looking to grow faster

Track + report on customer journey

Create + manage ads on search & social

Manage social media & quantify ROI

Marketing via email, sms, & postal mail

Price is the same whether you use one or multiple of the services listed above. We don't upsell or push you to pay more for additional services

Custom Custom Depending On Services Ideal for stores w/ $1M+ in annual revenue

Create + analyze customer personas

Realtime offers to hesitant shoppers

AI personalized related products

Behavior-driven upsell & cross sell

Dynamic product pricing

Managed website live chat

Semi-automated customer service

Quick setup takes less than 10 mins to capture the customer journey!

No risk, 30 days money back guaranteed! Get a full refund, no questions asked!

No long-term contracts, cancel anytime and get a pro-rated refund!

Step Up Your GameBoost Ecommerce Performance

The Process

Unlock the value of data and outsmart your competitors to grow your store in 3 easy steps.


You'll start with a 30 minutes call with an ecommerce expert from our team to understand your pain points and growth opportunities. We'll devise a list of important KPIs to measure that'll help with growth.


We'll plug into your ad accounts and ecommerce system to track the customer journey and correlate which ads shoppers click on, what content they see on your website, and which products they purchase.


After gathering and analyzing data, we'll schedule a meeting to review the insights, discuss strategies for growth, and design marketing experiment. This step repeats to continue growing your store.

Our Clients Love Us

We drive results for our growing client base that span many industries and product verticals.

Store Upward helped us boost holiday season ads ROI by 21% CMO, Home Decor Store
We reduce ads waste and saw 18% bump in sales in 6 months Marketing Director, Pet Supplies Store

Our Core Values

We live by our values and they shine through the services that we offer.

Innovate Continuously improve by experimenting, learning, and iterating. Imagine new, creative, and novel ways to solve complex problems. Push the limits of possibility to make a big leap forward instead of incremental progress.
Simplify Condense vast amount of information into simple bits that are easy to understand and act on. Uncover correlation, hidden opportunities, and actionable insight that has measureable impact on the business.
Persevere Embrace and learn from failures. Create better revisions. Persist through difficult times and stay focused on the fundamentals of solution that delivers tangible value. Focus on long-term value instead of short-term gains.

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